Laravel form components built for tailwind

Quickly build out Tailwind CSS forms using pre-built laravel form components. All form components included in the package are compatible with Laravel Livewire out-of-the box.

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Pre-built form components built for a majority of use cases. Each component integrates easily with Laravel Livewire and is styled based on Tailwind UI.


The basic but very versatile input element.


An input element configured for handling email addresses.


A password input element that comes with a toggle button for showing/hiding the entered password.


A basic textarea input element.


A basic checkbox input element.

Radio Button

A basic radio button element.

Checkbox Group

Useful for grouping checkboxes or radio buttons together.

Date Picker

A specialized date picker that uses Flatpickr behind-the-scenes.

Switch Toggle

A custom, specialized checkbox input element.


A basic select dropdown menu element.

Custom Select

A more customized and powerful select menu dropdown element.

Timezone Select

A specialized select menu dropdown with timezones as options.

File Upload

A custom file input element with support for showing file upload progress.


Add a dropzone-like file input utilizing the FilePond library.


Form element that takes care of certain necessities such as adding a hidden csrf-token.


A basic label element.

Form Error

Keep track of and show errors for an input automatically.

Form Group

Specialized element to provide a label and error handling for each input element.